Established in 2006 in Western Australia, Phinar Software provides flexible and easy to use technical applications for scientists, engineers and data analysts. Phinar’s founder, Rob de Bruin, led several flagship applications used in major Mining, Scientific and Financial companies – including Goldman Sachs, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Goldfields and Barrick.

Our X10 platform is used in Snowden’s Supervisor Suite of geostatistical software, employed by some of the biggest mining companies at over 300 sites across the globe. All our products are easily and fully extendable by 3rd party developers, to quickly add value for specific market segments, or to integrate with corporate workflows.



  • An extendable Rapid Application Development software platform for professional, technical applications.
  • Powerful and high performance Data layer.
  • Seamlessly integrates applications from different vendors.
  • Build your own modules or applications onto this platform.
  • Ideal as a front-end for distributed computing.


  • The extendable X10 based workbench for best of breed 3D applications.
  • Comprehensive 3D-Visualisation and analysis tools.
  • Powerful and intuitive integration with X10-Analytics.
  • Ideal for exploratory data analysis.


  • Dynamic and productive data analytics and statistical analysis of numeric, financial, and other data for unprecedented new insights.
  • Combine and scale graphs from multiple data sources.
  • Create your own reusable graphs for ultimate customisation.
  • Copy multiple graphs to a final report document in one click.

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X10-Geo combines the best of X10, X10-3D and X10-Analytics and adds great functionality to deliver an even better user experience. Experience X10-Geo now with our free 30-Day Trial.

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