X10-Geo is the only 3D data analytics and analysis software that seamlessly integrates statistics, graphs, and 3D to turn your spatial data into valuable insights. Find those hidden “gems” effortlessly and save hours of tedious work with our interactive workflows and automated reporting.


X10-Geo is used by our rapidly growing customer base worldwide. Some of our users:

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Turbo boost your exploratory data analysis

Turbo boost your exploratory data analysis

  • Easily load and analyse data from a variety of types and formats.
  • Use powerful and integrated statistical, graphing, and 3D tools to quickly and intuitively relate descriptive statistics to spatial trends for new insights into your data.
  • Unprecedented 3D data analytics for multi-element and multi-domain data, and optimisation and simulation results.
  • Compare multiple data sets with a rich set of standard graphing, analytics and statistical tools.
  • Rapidly create and re-use your own graphs and workflows, reducing the time for analysis and report preparation by up to 90%.

“I used to spend 2 to 3 weeks on EDA, with X10-Geo it takes me 2 to 3 days.” Marc-Andre Brulotte, Manager, Project Evaluation, Hudbay Minerals

Drillhole data analysis reimagined

Drillhole data analysis reimagined

Increase the value of your drillhole data and save massive amounts of time with these add-on 3D integrated drillhole apps:

  • Model validation
  • Contact analysis
  • Cap /Top cut analysis
  • Twin hole analysis (with distance buffered QQ)
  • Drillhole log
Free yourself from Excel

Free yourself from Excel

Free yourself from disconnected, time consuming and error prone solutions like Excel. Unlike other products, X10-Geo is custom-built for rapid and powerful spatial data analysis. It is integrated and scalable, with no data size limitations, no copy-paste of data, and offers lightning-fast flexible statistics and analytics, all within your data’s spatial context.

Make copying and pasting a thing of the past

Make copying and pasting a thing of the past

With X10-Geo, painstaking copying and pasting graphs into reports is a thing of the past. Now, with X10-Geo, you can literally copy hundreds of beautifully formatted graphs to your report – with one click! This frees up valuable time for you to add real value by applying your expertise to data analysis and report writing

Power to you!

Power to you!

Users can create their own dynamic workflows to leverage X10 analytics, 3D visualisation and reporting with their own and any 3rd party tools (like GSLIB, Python scripts, Fortran EXE…) to quickly enhance the power of the system for you! The X10 and X10-Geo platforms are also fully extendable by 3rd party developers, to create cool value adding X10 apps. If you’re a developer, or have an idea or existing technology, and would like to plug-in your concept or application into the X10 workflow, platform and sales and marketing channels, contact us.

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What our users are saying

“We have been using X10-Geo for only a short period and it has already been able to provide us with a wealth of information in regard to deposit interpretation and analysis.”

Richard Finch, Senior Geologist, OM Holding (Manganese)

“The domain analysis graph template is brilliant. Anything that allows us to quickly make some conclusions about the data distribution, populations within the domains, and descriptive stats is a good idea.”

Matthew Hastings, Senior Consultant – Resource Geology, SRK Denver

“X10-Geo has made my life a whole lot easier. Even if the company did not pay for it, I would buy it with my own money!”

Leo Ialovlev, Research Geologist, Iamgold

“X10-Geo’s option to colour the points of box plot outliers is really amazing.”

Evandro Cunha, Geologist/Geostatistician, Vale Iron Ore

“X10-Geo has become an indispensable tool for our Mineral Resource Estimation.”

Joe Hirst, Resource Geologist, Tetra Tech UK

“X10-Geo’s coordinate transformation function is awesome!”

Tudorel Ciuculescu, Senior Geologist, RPA Canada

“X10-Geo is great software, it speeds up data analysis and makes far better output in a fraction of the time, I am loving it!”

Christopher Speedy, Senior Resource Geologist, Angora Resources

“The interactive “see-things-change-as-you-tweak-your-filters” for me is an industry stand-out and a real trademark of X10-Geo. Five-out-of-five stars for this one.”

Rene Sterk, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration

“I love the link between the graphs and the 3d points or blocks.”

John Sims, VP of Technical Services – Corp Resources & Reserves, Kinross

“I am really impressed. This is another ‘big leap’ in the arsenal for the data analyst! I love it.”

Eduardo Videla, Director, Entropy Resources

“We really appreciate the great support we have received”

David Ross, Director, Resource Estimation, RPA

“X10-Geo is the best value statistical tool on the market for geologists today. It is easy to import data and only takes a few clicks to get graphs for every combination of element and domain. Model validation is a huge time saver for us. It creates the plots quickly, and can export multiple plots directly to a Word document. Highly recommended.”

Rowdy Bristol, Senior Consultant, Optiro

“I like X10-Geo a lot. We are able to dig further into the data using this and your program has saved us a lot of time.”

Keith Harrison, Independent Senior Geologist

“I have seen X10 develop in the last few years and can say that it is the most user-friendly, intuitive package out there to deal with exploration and mining data analytics.”

Rene Sterk, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration

“X10-Geo has made me much more productive by making 3D visualization of the results of PCA (Principle Component Analysis) very simple.”

Natalie Warman, Resource Geochemist, Kinross

“X10-Geo has allowed previously arduous tasks to be completed in a simple, concise and customised manner while producing an exceptional set of highly informative data. Highly Recommended!”

Richard Finch, Senior Geologist, OM Holding (Manganese)

“Thanks again for providing such great support so quickly. First class!”

Joe Hirst, Resource Geologist, Tetra Tech UK

“X10-Geo is fantastic! It is fast and intuitive to use, and it’s great how so many useful plots are automatically generated when data is imported. Amazing!”

Laura Karrei-Gupta, Manager Resource Geology, Kinross

“X10-Geo has become an essential part of Kraken Rock's analysis toolkit.”

Simon McCracken, Director and Principal Geologist, Kraken Rocks

“The speed at which X10-Geo analyses and displays the various important statistics is critical to save time in resource estimations. It contains features that I haven’t seen in other packages that turn 2-hour jobs into 2-minute jobs.”

Rene Sterk, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration

“The ability to relate anomalies in graphs and statistics to the spatial location interactively using X10-Geo has allowed rapid validation of domaining decisions, assumptions, and construction, particularly in multi-element projects.”

Elizabeth Haren, Principal and Director, Haren Consulting

“Data control at your fingertips – I like it”

Ben Pollard, Director, Cadre Geology and Mining

“X10-Geo has some really useful and time-saving EDA tools”

Sean Horan, Senior Resource Geologist, RPA

“We were all very impressed with your product.”

Philip Little, Director, Expedio

“Phinar's support for X10-Geo is second to none.”

Vincent Blanchet, Senior Geologist, Iamgold

“I am most impressed with X10-Geo - particularly with the ability to analyze and adjust domains.”

Greg Mosher, P.Geo. Principal Geologist, Global Mineral Resource Services

“X10-Geo’s “app-style” approach makes this a truly innovative way to work with and develop software in the mining industry.”

Rene Sterk, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration

“I'm really amazed by X10-Geo. It is a very very good tool for quickly getting useful information out of geological and model data.”

Horacio Puigdomenech, Professor, San Juan University

“I use X10-Geo extensively in the analysis of multi-element assay data from exploration drilling programmes. The software allows me to quickly but comprehensively study chemical trends and correlations. Great software. ”

Fop Vanderhor, Principal of Davis & Vanderhor Geological Consultants

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